Saturday, July 02, 2005

My first finished knitted project

My very first knitted adult pullover. I took about 3 weeks to finish it, phew...... pretty fast for a beginner huh?? Doesn't it look lovely?? :) The pattern is from Knitty, "Grace". I was so tempted to knit after I discover this pattern from Knitty and it's easy to knit, great for me as a beginner.

It's hard to get knitting yarns in Malaysia, the weather here is too humid for knit wear, it's just a hobby for those who knit, just like what I did. I'm so lucky to get this offer mohair yarn in one of the local store "Macy". It's cheap and I only paid RM20 for 10 skeins of them. I used mohair in light brown colour, knitted 2 strands together with size 5mm needle to get the gauge in the pattern and it was finished in mid June. It's a bit too hot to wear Grace here, I only be able to wear it to work where my office got air conditional. Other wise, it will be station in my wardrobe. :(

Does't it look lovely??

I attached a flower brooch at the front of the pullover to cover up the uneven joining part.

Double lovely........


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