Friday, June 06, 2008

A book about bag makers from Paris

This is a great book, I just bought it from "KL Chinese Book Fair" last week. It's all about bag designers at Paris, lots of informations and pretty bags to look at. It's actually a translated Chinese version from Japanese, title of the book in Chinese called, "Paris ladies, the bag designers". I just love it so much that I'll flip thru the book every night before I go to bed lately. Here are some snap shot of the interesting pictures from the book.

This bag is made from wall paper, can you believe it? Wall paper? It's just a amazing idea to use pretty wall paper to make a bag like this. There is a simple instruction on how this bag is made, pretty interesting though but too bad I can't get such a great wall paper in Malaysia, how sad....

And this is one of the art works done by one of the feature bag designers in the book. I like the birdy on the frame, very cute.

These are the snap shot bags from the street of Paris. Look at that, so pretty..... I can't see people in Malaysia carry such a pretty bag on street. :(


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