Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My digital camera

I own 3 digital cameras.

1st : Kodak Easy Share CX7300.
First digital camera that I had bought. A very simple and very inexpensive one. Only 3.2m pixel, no macro funtion. Just able for me to do a very simple photo taking. Can't take any close up pictures. Thus I have not using it anymore.

2nd : Canon Power Shoot A550.
A camera that I use the most for my Etsy's shops and blog pictures. Macro function, 7.1m pixel and easy to use. I'm still using it for pictures taking. I love this one the most.

3rd : Canon EOS 1000D.
I'm kind of fancy on DSLR camera and bought myself this camera. Still in the learning progress on how to use it. It has many functions and really different from those cameras that I have used. A bit complicated but it's fun to learn new trick everytimes I used it. Hopefully, I could take good pictures out of it one day. ;)


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