Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 things that I made from these old Japanese Magazine

I love Japanese fashion magazine and catalogue book. And I own quite a lot of them at home as well. They are from publish year of 1992 till now. Some very old one started to torn due to my frequence reading on them. I love to flip thru all the magazines once in a while to get inspiration on crafty ideas. I even have a stalk beside my bed that I read every night before sleep. But they are really occupied lots of my storage space. I have a very limited storage space at home. Due to this reason, I started to make use of these magazines to recycle and remake them to other usable items like :

1) Little or mini envelopes with theme. I have been cut out cute animations, pictures or advertisements from magazine to form to these little envelopes. They are really cute. Could be use for storage of little goodies like stamps, polaroid, little gift bag for sweets, earrings etc.

2) Paper punchies. After I have choose and cut out the pages for envelopes making, I use the remaining paper to punch out little shape paper punchies. They are great to use in scrapbooking, card making or decoration.

3) Shipping or gift tag. I cut out some of the nice pictures that I can not be able to make envelopes to glue to little handmade tag from cardstock to form a shipping or gift tag. They are simple and nice to use.

4) Cover for notebook. I also use some of the nice animation from the magazine to cover with cardboard to make it to a note book cover. You can see that the Japanese Charactors from the magazine has added in some unique to the notebook.

5) Collage. I tried to make use of all pages from the magazine without waste. And I use the scrap paper for my crafty collage book. All remaining of the paper cut out or pages that I find interesting, I will paste them to my collage book as collection.

I'm collecting small pieces of the magazine paper after all projects that I could make of in a big plastic bag. That will be for my next recycle project to make a whole new piece of paper. Planning of soaking all the small pieces of paper in water and blending them to become paper pulp. I have a goal to save the environment by reduce the paper wastage. Hopefully my goal will success. :)


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