Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday outing

I finished up with the blue silk satin tunic blouse that I sewn the other day on Friday night, so that I can wear it on Saturday to see a mini concert at Bukit Jalil National Statium. It's a HongKong singer Eason Chan's new album fan club mini concert. I did wear the tunic for the concert, but feel regret after that cause it's abit hot to wear for such an outing where there'r ton of people jam in the concert and I can felt that my blouse was wet due to the humility. Anyway, the tunic blouse did look good on me although it's abit too small, I should made it a more larger size, never think that I've grown so fat after married. :)

I also finished knitted the back of the eyelet pullover on Sunday. I took some relex knitting, instead of straight to the front of the garment, I knit one of the sleeve. Will block the back piece tonight and see how it turn out to be.


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