Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finished vs Ripping off

Taa..dah.... I present to you my second finished knitted project, "Eyelet Pullover"!!! (Or maybe not....) Not very satisfy with the outcome of the pullover, it seem a bit tide on me, the collar is so tide and it made me breathless and so for both of the sleeve, too tide..... What happen? It's not so when I first tried it on before the slip stitches were to attach. What's wrong with the slip stitches that I crocheted, I must have pull the slip stiches too tide. this mean that I need to rip them off? What a disaster then, maybe I just forget about the ripping job, just let it be as it is, anyway it still can be fitted on me. :) If not, I will just keep it as prototype to remind me of the error I've did on this project.

Looking nice before wearing

Isn't it too tide on me? Made me breathless


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