Monday, August 01, 2005

Cameron Highland

It's such a long time I never been to any places for holidays. Since me and my hubby have got 3 days leaves last week, we decided to go for a short holiday to relex and we went to Cameron Highland. The journey is about 21/2 hours drive, 1 1/2 hours on highway and 1 hour on the hill road. The hill road journey was killing, it's like a roller coaster ride, we stopped half way to rest and took some pictures of durian tree on the road side. This is the first time I saw the durian fruit on the tree so close and be able to touch. Normally this type of fruit trees are very tall and since we are at the hill side, some of the durian trees are grown at the same height as the road side and we can just touch them.

Up to the hill top, I aspect the weather to be chilling but it's opposite, it's kind of humid even at night time, it was not cooling at all. The sceenary is bad as well, most of the areas are being polluted and it's not been taking care of. I am hoping to see lots of plants and flowers but I am being disappointed, non of them can be seen. Most of them are pot plants that sell by some farmer as whole selling to shops. There have lots of strawberris farm and I've experienced of picking my own strawberries, yeap.... I picked them, it's kind of exciting and I can choose and pick them, not bad...

The most exciting encounter is the Boh estate visit, we have been travel into tea plantation of Boh and be able to see the tea plant on the hill at just hand reach. We had some Boh Garden tea at the shop while admiring the sceenary, it's very breezy. I guess this is one of the condition for tea plant to grow and harvest.

The overall journey was average, eventhough it's not as what I aspected, I did enjoy myself.

Searching....searching for strawberries

Boh Tea Estate. It's just beside of the road

Tea plantation on the whole view


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