Monday, August 08, 2005

Cabled shrug

I've started new project (Cabled shrug from Interweave) via my trip down to Malacca over the weekend. I was at Malacca to visit an aunty of my husband whom have been admitted to hospital due to bone cancer. I started the project during the journey and I've unwind it twice due to miss stitches at the beginning. I restart it during the night at the hotel and have get it right this time and finished knitted the rib portion during the night. On the next day on the journey home, I started to knit the cable section and glad that it was not very hard to knit and I've knitted it up to 6" when I reached home.Initially when I read the instruction of the project before starting knitting, it seem to me that this shrug is difficult to knit, however when I started it, it's not as complicated as the instruction, in fact it's easy and fast to knit. I'm glad I didn't give up trying it. This is my first cable pattern project and it's fun to knit, guess I'll aim for cable pattern on my next project after finish this one.


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