Friday, August 19, 2005

Right of the cabled shrug is up

One side of the cabled shrug has been done, if it is to be following the instructions given in the project, the 1st finished portion should be the left side of the shrug, however when I came to the section of the instruction, it seem to be not right, it is the other way round. Is it the instructions that is wrong or I've did it wrongly? I switch to follow the right side instruction and it came out more likely this time. However the shape is kind of odd looking, the sleeve seem to be very small on the bottom and it come to very wide on top. I tried to hold it on to my arm, it seem that it is very loose on the armpit area and the back is not wide enough, it suppose to cover up to the middle of the back, but it is just 30% covered. I think I got to add in more line for the back, maybe another 6 to 8 lines to make it more wider.


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