Saturday, August 29, 2009

Window decoration

I'm selling these light weight crafting papers in my Supplies Etsy Shop and always wondering how it could be used for any of the crafting projects. Then, one day when I was browsing thru one of my Japanese crafting catalogue book of "Couturier", I saw a picture of this paper folded window decoration (As picture below). I decided to try to make one myself (without any instrution guide and just based on the pictures.) using those light weight crafting papers that I have. After some try and errors, finally I got the right pattern and the finished project is not bad though and looks pretty when decor on the window.

Picture source : Couturier crafting catalogue book

This is the finished window decor that I had made. I have to take the picture in this manner due to my lousy camera disablility to take the picture when it was sticked on the window. :(

I have the instruction on making this paper folded window decor as below. Try it if you like. You can use other light weight papers instead of those that I sell like colour tissue paper or tracing paper as long as they are light weight. Enjoy the project and happy crafting.

Instruction on paper folded window decoration


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