Saturday, July 23, 2005

Over the pass weekdays...

I've blocked the back piece and both sleeves of Eyelet pullover. It seem that it's still curling on the side, guess I'll need to do another blocking after joining them all up. The front piece is only about 30% finished. Might need some time to get it done since nowaday I'm pretty slow in knitting.

These are some of the stash of yarn that I've currently. Got 2 balls of Katia anad Lana Grossa yarns that I've no idea of what to do with it. They are bought by my sister during her trip to Hongkong some years ago. Maybe I'll knit a clutch bag for her and myself. For the 4 skeins of white yarns that I bought the other days, will do a shrug. Got a free pattern from Interwave staff project and thinking of doing a cable shrug. It's another projects my wish list.

I also bought June issue of Burda, they have some nice sewing projects that I'm thinking of doing also. The flower printed blouse is so nice that I thik I must do, but still have't figure out which stash of my cloth will suit for this project.

Wow.... seem that I've lots of projects to do in my wish list, here they are :
1) Black skirt - will create the pattern myself based on Anna Sui's skirt
2) White cable shrug
3) Clutch bag - 2, using the Katia and Lana Grossa yarns
4) Blouse - pattern from June Burda
5) Crocheted bell flower shape rug


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