Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Red heart square sampler

This square sampler got 2 hearts on each site of the corner, the red colour of crochet yarn suit it quite well. Original pattern requested a white colour yarn to be crocheted, as I got few balls of stash crochet yarns in red, light and dark green, I choose the red colour to match the heart shape at the sampler and it did, in fact the colour made the sampler look more delightful. The sampler is about 5" x 5" square, I used 2/0 crochet hook to crochet it. I'll make more and join them all up, maybe in 6 squares to make a table cloth to be display on the Hi-Fi set. It's fast to do, and I think I'll finish it very quickly.

This picture show the actual colour as life object,

and this show the pattern out clearly but not the colour.


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