Thursday, August 25, 2005

Toy making pattern book

I was intrigued of dolls made by Wee Wonderful in her site, those dolls are so adorable. Though that I'm not a dolls loving person, but when I saw those pictures of hers, I've changed my perception, I want to make dolls. Unfortunately, I don't have any experiences or knowledge on doll construction. Yet, that would not restrain me from trying to make one. I bought a toy/doll making pattern book the other days for this purpose, it's a Japanese book. Although I can't read Japanese, but that's doesn't matter much as most of Japanese pattern book have full pictures and step by step illustrations on construction. Just follow closely to them and it should be easy to do. Peek inside some of the pages of the book, don't they look cute?

This is the book, it costs RM31.90

Very adorable doll, and they even have tiny accessories

Cute kitty.....nice to display on workstation.


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