Saturday, November 25, 2006

My new projects

I plan to knit a bag, a 3rd version of my previous garter stitch bag. But this time instead to knit the body in garter stitches, I knitted the bag in 2 x 2 ribbings. I'm now working on it's handle, will show once it is done.

These are yarns that I've unravelled from a size XL sweater that I've bought at low costs (RM15.00, about USD4), it is in the shade of Emerald Green. I don't prefer green actually, however this shade looks great and it is kind of suitable for Spring Fling, a free pattern from Spring 05 Knitty. I'll be using this to knit Spring Fling. The gauge of the recycled yarns seem smaller than the instruction given, about 28 sts over size 3.5mm needle. In order to compensate the differences, I decided to knit it in bigger size of L, hopefully it'll not out much.


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