Monday, August 29, 2005

20% to finish object

My cabled shrug is just remaining 20% to be finished, I only need to knit the left back portion for another 2" to be joined to the right side using Kitchener stitch method. The shrug look nice when I display flat on the floor, hopefully it will turn out the same when I put it on. I will try to finish the back portion during lunch time at office today, (I always stay in office during lunch hour, it's just too humid to eat out, I rather pack my lunch and eat in a cool air conditioner office.) then I can join the back, seam it tonight and have it finished by tomorrow.
I bought some yarns on last Saturday, 8 skeing of them in turquiose colour, 100% Arcylic, very cheap and not a good quality yarns. As a beginner knitter, I guess I'll rather using cheap yarns to tune up my skills before using good qualities of yarns which are very expensive to get in Malaysia. Those yarns will be used for my upcoming new project, "Kate" free pattern from Berroco. I actually looking for copper colour instead of turquiose for this project, however the local yarn store that I went doesn't carry such colour of yarn, no choice that I choose this colour, hopefully it will suit for cables pattern that I will be knitted later on. I'll try on the swatch to see how the colour turn out in cables, if it is not suitable, I'll switch it to other project. However I haven't got any seconder back up project for that yet, will figure it out later. :)


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