Monday, September 05, 2005

Cabled shrug finished

My third knitted object, cable shrug has been finished. It was finished on last Thursday (1/9/05) night, but I only be able to take some pictures yesterday by the help of my hubby. The body of the shrug fit me quite well but not the sleeve though, it's a bit tide on the elbow area, guess it's time for me to slim down in order to get a better fit in it. :) I plan to wear this shrug with a sun dress that I sewn two years ago, yeah....two years ago, way back of time.... it's become tide on me now. I never wear this sun dress after I've made it, reason being I'm not quite comfortable wearing sleeveless dress or blouse, that's why it has been kept in the wardrobe for such a long time. Now is the time to dig it out to motivate me to slim down so that I can wear the shrug together with it. ;)

The shrug when display flat, it was knitted using 3.5mm & 4mm needles,100% Arcylic yarn in white colour. Height = 11" and length = 21"

The cable pattern on the sleeve.

Me in the cable shrug, seem kind of tide isn't it? The flower brooch is just temporary on the shrug, I'll get a nicer brooch for it.

Another picture of me in cabled shrug, a pretend to jump pose. ;)


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