Monday, September 05, 2005

New project cast on

I've started with new knitting project, a twin set of cardigan with shell in cable pattern. I use those 8 skeins of blue yarns that I've brought to knit this project. Initially, those yarns are for a cable pullover Kate, free pattern from Berroco, however I found out that the colour is not suitable for that project, thefore I switch it to this free pattern twin set from Kertzer. I started with the shell, it's easier to knit since the cable panel pattern is only located at the front of the shell. Whereas, the cardigan is wholly filled with cable pattern which I feel will be more time consuming and difficult to knit. I've knitted the back of the shell 2" from bottom on last weekend, just have a feeling that it will be a fast knitted project and will look nice in finished object.


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