Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy, busy weeks

I was busy at works for the past week, financial year end closing. There are endless reports to prepare, Q&A from the Auditors etc etc.... No rest at all, I even worked during my lunch time. Phew....really busy.....guess it'll only be ended next week and then I could take some leaves to relex and rest. Nothing much was done on crafty site, couldn't concentrate my minds and physically very tired after come back home from work. I did try to knit few stitches or lines these few days trying to finish the creamy leaft top, but the progress is very very slow, too slow that I think I could only show FO on another week to come, hopefully....

Just some lovely teddy bear pictures to share. I admire people that could do lovely toys. Just like what I found from this website , a Korean toy making site. Those toys are so adorable, I really wish I could do one like it too.


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