Friday, May 11, 2007

Progress of my knitting projects

This is a non picture post to update the progress of my knitting projects, I'll be showing pictures later when the projects grow more interesting. ;)

Lace wrap over cardigan
I have finished the back piece of lace wrap over cardigan, now is in the midst of knitting the right front portion. The length of the finished back piece seem to be longer than the instruction and I did no modification on it, maybe the gauge of the yarn that I am using differ it from the pattern. Anyhow, I prefer the length to be longer and hope it will just nice for what I wanted.

Tia - vest
This is a free pattern from Berroco - Tia, a simple vest in variegated yarn. I use Sonata for this project as well. Just started the bottom ribbing for the back piece and it seem to grow pretty slow cause I am doing two projects in the roll. I pick up this project whenever I get bored of knitting lace wrap over cardigan. This is my first knitting project in variegated yarn, kind of exciting to wait for how the yarn will turn out in the project.


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