Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Library vs Bookshop

I went to KL Library on last Saturday, I was amazed that our local library do carried the english crafts books and can be borrow out. I then borrowed 2 knitting books, titles called "Hot Knit" and another called "Anchor The Needle Crafts Book". The Anchor Needle Crafts Book got lots of handycrafts sources mainly for knitting and crocheting, it's a great book for beginners. Whereas in the Hot Knit, there are few nice knitted shell and short sleeve tops that I like and would want to try to knit, but those books are too expensive to buy from the bookshop. Since I can obtain the books for 3 weeks before returning to the library, I decided to make copies by photostating them, at least I can have those books at low costs.

The Summer issue of Cotton Friend is out and sold at our local magazine stand and I've bought it while shopping last night. Although it's a past issue but I don't mind, I love this magazine, it has lots of crafty sources inside. I bought a Japanese petite craft book on DIY crafts using milk containers from the same magazine stand as well. Wow!!! Never know that milk containers can be transform to so many different kind of cute and multi function containers, must try to do some too. Went to book shop later on after browsing at the magazine stand and bought a Chinese knitting pattern book. It got 3oo different patterns just in one book, and most of them are very nice, it's cheap!! Feel great and satisfied last night that I've got those book and magazine from the shopping hunt. ;)

Anyway, hubby not very happy after seeing all those magazines and book that I've bought, he commanded that I shouldn't buy any crafty books cause I've too many of them. But I doubt cause I couldn't resist seeing all those nice and pretty pictures in the craft books or magazine. ( least I'm not wasted my money on useless purchases. Promise will try to control and minimise crafty book purchase. ;) )


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