Friday, September 09, 2005

Projects update

Twin set cardigan and shell
Twin set shell is progressing well, I've done it 13" from the bottom and it's now on the arm hole shapping section. The back portion of the shell will be finished by this weekend if I work hard on it. I scheduled to finish the shell not more than 3 weeks times, and the cardigan in about a month time. Hopefully everything can go on smoothly based on the schedule.

I've been abandoned Sonnet lately :p, just feeling very lazy to knit Sonnet, the long row of Sonnet make it very slow in it's progressing. I'm using a small gauge in this project and it make me feel like I'm knitting a marathon. Anyway, the body of Sonnet has been 70% done, I'm actually in the beginning of it's left front portion. I'll not give up Sonnet, just slow in it's progressing. I'm trying to knit few rows everytime when I'm bored of other projects, at least just to keep it going rather than leave it on the basket.

Heart shape sampler
I've crocheted 3pcs of heart shape sampler. Planning to crochet at least 12pcs of them to join as a table cloth. I only do it during weekends, thus it'll be a on going project and will not be finished in short time. This heart shape sampler table cloth is for the Hi-fi set.

I got few quilt projects that station on the shelves and basket that I've not putting my hand on them at all. They are Grandmother flower patches in blue shape, Canadian forest in 4 seasons and Flower beads. I'm just so into knitting recently and have left all my quilt projects behind. Will just slowly pick up quilting when I'm not so busy in knitting. ;)

Star shape rug
I've try on crochet this rug by using 6/o crochet hook, the result doesn't turn out nice and the gauge seem to be very tide. I'll try on a larger crochet hook of 8/0, hopefully it'll turn out good.

List of projects in mind but not started yet
Few of the projects in my mind that I'm wishing to do :
1) A-line skirt based on Anna Sui's skirt picture
2) Knitted bags using Katia and Lana Grossa yarns
3) Some toys
4) Knit projects of Arisaig and honeymoon cami
5) and...........(lots of them, endless list, hahaha!!! Wish I have more time.)


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