Monday, September 12, 2005

Cable & lace

I've such a wrong impression of lace pattern that they're very difficult and tedious to knit, it back me off whenever I saw patterns that are in lace, no matter how nice and gorgeous the finished object is. However, after I've knit the cable and lace panel pattern on the front of twin set shell, my perception of them has been changed. In fact they're more exciting to knit rather than those boring stockinette or garter stitches. And it's attonishing when the lace pattern emerged line by line while knitting. Thus encourage me to knit more and faster. Just for a evening of last Sunday, I've knitted the front shell 7" from the bottom. Never aspect it can be knitted so fast for my level of skill, moreover this is my first experience knitting in lace. Not bad at all, great to see that it progressing well and I'll have it finished very soon.

The back has been finished on last Saturday and it's now 7" from bottom for the front

A more detail view of cable and lace panel pattern


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