Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cable and lace shell

These are the front and back portion of the cable and lace shell that I've knitted, I finished them on Saturday and blocked it through out Sunday. However, they're not really proberly blocked yet, still got curling side, will do final blocking after I wholely finish it. It seem abit too wide while on the blocking board, I might have chosen a wrong size, I did it in size "L" which said in the instruction that to fit 40" bust. I don't have such big bust though, just to accomplish my gauge that's bit smaller from the pattern, I choose "L". Hope it will not turn out big for me when finished, cross my finger.

I'm now on the collar section, which is my first experience on knitting a turtleneck collar. The yarn pick up on the neckline area give me headache, can't get the actual stitches as on the instruction, and those stitches seem not evenly spread through out the neckline. Have tried many times and at last got it right. I did some changes on the picking up of stitches on the back neckline area, instead of increase 3 stitches at the middle, I spread it evenly both on the narrow back shoulder line area. Hope it will turn out right, cross my finger again. ;)


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