Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ocean wave lace sweater

Yeap....new project was cast on last weekend. I bought some yarns last Saturday while I went downtown and got this sock colour yarn of blue + green + white shade. Instead of knitting socks, I used them for a lace sweater pattern from a Chinese knitting pattern book that I bought recently. The colour turn out to be nice on it, kind of relief after seeing the colour is suit for the wavey lace of this sweater, it look like ocean wave.
I ripped off many time at the beginning of the knitting section, mostly because of mis-count and drop stitches while knitting. It made me kind of fractuated and wanted to give up. Nope....I didn't give up, just patiently ripped off the errors I made and restart it all over again, I guess I've restart as many as 5 times. I'm now in the 2 repeat of the pattern, each pattern block have 16 lines in two form of wavey laces.


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