Monday, September 19, 2005

Crocheted rug

Was on leave last Friday and finished crocheted this star shape rug. I used scrap T-shirt cloth that cut in stripes and join together as yarn to crochet this rug using crochet hook size 8/0. It's in orange and peach shade, initially I wanted to crochet it all orange colour, however I'm short of orange in my stash while I crochet it halfway, that's why this peach turn in it's combination. I'm kind of like the accidentally combination, cute isn't it? This rug is fast to crochet, I only used about 3 hours to finish it. Will crochet few more to give away to my mother and mother in-law as well, hopefully they will like it.

A more detail look of the rug, it's puffy and soft. Diameter from point to point is around 18", just nice for my bathroom. ;) Yeap....forgot to mention, the pattern is from Crochet Me magazine, a free pattern though.


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