Friday, May 05, 2006

What's doing?

A pictureless post, it's just updates on what I'm doing currently. The weather does not permit me to take any pictures recently, it's just keep on raining on the time I was home after works. Hopefully I could take some pictures this weekend to show.

1) Simple Bolero
Well, the back of the simple bolero is almost done. I already passed the neckline, now is working on the shoulder shaping and I guess it'll be finished by this weekend. I already used up 1 & 1/2 ball of the yarns on just the back portion, I doubt the quantities of yarns that I have would not be enough for this bolero. Anyway, hopefully the sleeves would not eat up so much of yarns.

2) 70's vintage top
Not much progress on this project. I started getting bored of it. However, I'll still continue to knit it, just it'll be in very slow progress. I've finished the back and done 40% on the front.

3) Sister's belated birthday gifts
Planning to knit a scraf for her. Well, I might using this free pattern from Jorth : Ruffles scraf on this project using the mohair left over from previous projects. Another gift that I'm planning to do for her is a knit bag using the 2 balls of novalty Lana Grossa yarns. I almost done with the body of the bag and will work on the handle once I got the right fabric. The size and pattern of this bag will be the same as the cable bag that I did before. Not in cable pattern but just in plain garter stitches.

4) Reconstuction of garments
I'm trying to reconstruct some of my unwearable garments. Those garments are either too small to fit into me or they're kind of out dated fashion. So far I've done 2 attempts on them. First is from a long skirt to knee length A-line skirt and second is from a plain long sleeve pullover to a sparkling 3/4 sleeve top. I'll tell more on them on my next update when I got their pictures snap.

That's all for the time being, will show some pictures and more updates later. ;)


Blogger Mimi said...

You have a good variety of projects line up there! ;)
Can't wait to see your bolero!

Saturday, May 06, 2006 1:32:00 PM  

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