Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crocheted outfits

Look what I found from fashion search recently, those lace skirts are so gorgeos and flattering. I love these and would like to have one if possible. Emmm....maybe not, it will be very expensive to buy a Designer clothes, not worth to. Since lace and crochet are related, maybe it can be done using crocheted flower motives, yeah....why not? Although it'll be very tedious and slow going, but it's fun and challenging to do.

I saw some patterns of crocheted top that're in flower motives and how they're to be constructed. Maybe I could use the same method to construct this type of skirts as well. What I need to do is to find a nice flower motive pattern and based on a A-Line skirt draft to construct it by joining all those crocheted flower motives altogehter, should be done in this way. It get me very excited and want to try it immediately, however need to do this in one fine day when I'm not so busy though. ;) Hope that it's not too tedious and I can be able to construct it by my own pattern.


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