Thursday, October 06, 2005

Project Day

A few of my WIPs were witheld for quite some times, especially my quilting projects and Sonnet. Those projects have been laying on the shelves and basket for months since they're started, dust began to gather on top of them and it's getting thicker and thicker causing them to become dirty before finishing. Those're a long going progress and time consuming projects, made me feel bore and reluctant everytime I see them, that's why I didn't lay my hand on them for such a long time. Anyhow I'll not ripped them off cause every projects are precious to me, I like each of them, or else I would not started them at the first place. However if I continue in this manner, they will not be finished forever and thus wasted all my effort and times that I've spend on them. I must find a solution then.....

So, in order to overcome this problem, I've got an idea on my mind to set a rule on myself to finish off these long forgotten projects. Instead of just doing my preferred projects daily, I set few days aback just to concentrate quilting and knitting Sonnet. At least I do work on them rather than just let them sit on the shelves. Hopefully I can hold on my vow and really stick to the schedule.

These are the few days set aside for this purpose :
Monday = Sonnet Day
Wednesday = Quilting Day
other day will be my working on preferred projects. ;)


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