Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby quilt and crafty update

My sister will deliver a baby boy next month, so I've been busy sewing a simple baby quilt for her baby boy. The quilt top already been sewn up, they are 6" x 6" big square with cute teddy bear fabric and 6" x 1" plain light brown fabric around the square. In between of those light brown fabric, I've added in small 1" x 1" cream colour plain fabric to add a bit of lighterning into it. I'm now searching for the right fabric for the quilt back and will find a batting from some craft supply shop this weekend to make up the quilt before she deliver the baby. After this, I'll need to start for another baby quilt, this one will be for my brother's baby boy, his wife (my sister in-law) will deliver a baby boy also but in Sept. So, I'll be on baby quilt projects always in the coming months or so. If I've the time, maybe I'll make some small baby gifts for them, that'll depend on my schedules. Too busy with works lately, really can't find much time for crafty activities. That's explain why I'm lack of blog updates lately. Anyway, I did knit here and there and I've knitted both of my knits WIPs front panel. For the vest, I'm now on it's collar band, already done with the side and arm hole crochet. Hopefully this one will finish in another week or so. As for the cardigan, I'm on the sleeves, that'll need a bit of time to finish as I've other more urgent projects to finish (Those baby quilts. ) Therefore, it will be done most properly after Sept, I hope so. Alright, that's all about this time, see ya..