Thursday, October 27, 2005


I started to quilt again as I've been planned for, Wednesday = Quilting Day. I've long didn't quilt and need abit of time to adjust myself back from knitting to quilting, anyway that doesn't give me much problems as I can adapt to any craft works easily. These quilt projects won't be finished at short period cause I'm hand piercing them rather than machine sewn. I don't prefer machine sewn quilts, it give me kind of a stiff look and frankly speaking I don't prefer to sit in front of the sewing machine all day long sewing. I can't perform two tasks at the same time in this manner, I mean watching TV at the same time. I prefer to do my craft works while watching TV, it's more relaxing.

These are my WIP quilt projects :

Grandmother flower patches - This is a queen size quilt and I've done half of it. I like this quilt alot mainly because it's in blue shade, my favourite colour though.

Four season forest - This is a twin size quit, I've done half of it as well. I'm working on it every "Quilt Day" now, wish to finish this one first cause it's smaller and will be fast to finish.

Flower beads - It's a queen size quit, only 5% done. I've sewn the purple flower beads on the fabric and I don't like the outcome, will rip off those stitches and replace with hand stitches later on.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Long lost pictures

Last night while hubby clearing out his bunch of old diskettes, he found out some of my long lost pictures of bags that I made previously in one of those diskette. I've forgotten about them totally, if it's not hubby, I'll never discoverd them. He only managed to copy out few pictures in the disk and yet I got few more pictures in it that fall on a bad sector. one hand I was happy that I discovered them but in the other I lost some of them, so bad..... I can't take pictures on them cause all of them have been sold to my sis's friends. Those long lost pictures now become my treasure that I should keep saved.


Those yarns that I ordered from Elann arrived at my parents home on Wednesday, I was so excited when I saw it while I was back home on my half day leave yesterday. I opened up the package immediately, just can't wait to see and feel them in actual objects. Those yarns are so soft and nice to touch at and I love the colours, especially the pink one, mum likes it as well. She commented that it'll be nice for a cardi, yeah..... she's right, but the quantities of pink yarn that I bought not enough for a cardi, I plan to knit a top but haven't found a nice pattern for it yet. So are for the other yarns that I bought, no actual plan in mind yet, will figure it out later on. I'm very satisfied with Elann service, they're efficient and just in a week I got my package, that's fast. The only fall short is that I need to pay higher shipping charges. Anyway, I'm really happy on these yarns that I consumed from Elann and I'll continue to shop and purchase from them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back of Cabled Cardi done

Yeap....I've done with the back of the cabled cardigan. It doesn't curl much, that's what I'm most happy of it, no need to do so much of blocking. ;)

Those cables are more visible in the picture rather than on the real object, maybe I need to view it in a distance in order to see it more clearly, hopefully it will look nice when finished. I'm now on the right side of the front portion and it's about 12" from the bottom. Wish to get both of the front portions done this week and up to the sleeve on this weekend. :)

p/s : This is a free pattern from Kertzer and I'm using Acrylic yarn cause I'm still not a skill knitter yet and are using cheaper yarn to train up.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Crochet swatch

I love the crocheted throw picture that Hillary posted in her post earlier, hexagon motifs joined together to become a throw. I've swatch on it from some of my left over yarns from previous projects, it's easy to crochet and I bet when all these hexagons to be joined toghether with different colours, it will be nice and cute. A great baby gift to give away too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Online purchase

After long consideration, I've made some brave move, I order some yarns online from Elann. I'm a first timer though, never been purchased online, hopefully I did it all correctly. When I checked the shipping status in the accounts, those yarns are not delivered to me yet, still in progress. Hopefully I'll receive them safely in two weeks times as stated in their shipping information. Cross my finger.... :)

Those are the yarns that I purchased :
Austermann Pharao 100% Egytion Mercerized Cotton in midnite blue colour

Enless Summer Collection Connemara 100% Mercerized and Grassed Cotton in rich cream colour

Peruvian Collection Baby Silk 80% Baby Alpaca/20% silk in seashell pink colour.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Cable Cardigan

A new project has been cast on, the cable & lace twinset of it's cardigan. Although the cable pattern seem a bit complicated, it's indeed not hard and fast to knit. I've done 9" for the back portion in just 3 nights knit during my TV programmes section, about 2 hours per night, very fast for me though. I done it while watching TV and at the same time read the instruction every line of knitting. far so good and no mistakes. :)
I did some changes on the pattern, instead of increase 1 stitch at every 3rd knitted stitches, I spread the total number of stitches to be increased evenly. The stated instruction just doesn't seem right to me. If it's to be following the instruction, the right side of the back portion will be more stitches than the left side, won't it making one side of the garment more bulky than the other side? This doesn't make sense to me, maybe I was wrong. However, as I knitted the back, my adjustment doesn't give me any problem and the outcome seem quite alright to me. Cross my finger....;) I'm now up to the arm hole shapping for the back.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Project Day

A few of my WIPs were witheld for quite some times, especially my quilting projects and Sonnet. Those projects have been laying on the shelves and basket for months since they're started, dust began to gather on top of them and it's getting thicker and thicker causing them to become dirty before finishing. Those're a long going progress and time consuming projects, made me feel bore and reluctant everytime I see them, that's why I didn't lay my hand on them for such a long time. Anyhow I'll not ripped them off cause every projects are precious to me, I like each of them, or else I would not started them at the first place. However if I continue in this manner, they will not be finished forever and thus wasted all my effort and times that I've spend on them. I must find a solution then.....

So, in order to overcome this problem, I've got an idea on my mind to set a rule on myself to finish off these long forgotten projects. Instead of just doing my preferred projects daily, I set few days aback just to concentrate quilting and knitting Sonnet. At least I do work on them rather than just let them sit on the shelves. Hopefully I can hold on my vow and really stick to the schedule.

These are the few days set aside for this purpose :
Monday = Sonnet Day
Wednesday = Quilting Day
other day will be my working on preferred projects. ;)