Friday, June 23, 2006

Reconstruct my wardrobe # 2

The second attempt on reconstruction of my old garments was this A-line skirt. My waist just grew crazily over the years and I definitely couldn't be fitted into this skirt of size "M" anymore but I like the flower print on the bottom of the skirt. Instead of just keep it in the closet, I enlarge it to my current size. In order to do that, what I've done was to cut off the top portion till it reach my knee length to remain the bottom flower print as it is. I adjust the waist line to my measurement, add in waist darts and lining for more comfortable wearing and finally come out with this new skirt that I could be wear to work.

This is how the skirt look like originally, a long ankle length A-line skirt without lining.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sister feather lace scarf

My sister's birthday has passed over 2 months and yet I haven't give her any present, so bad of me.....feel very quilty. I promised to knit her a scarf and here it is, just finished last week. I even haven't got time to wrap the gift, will do it this weekend and hopefully I can give it to her after that. I'll be adding in another small gift for her as surprise. Just hope she will like both of my "Belated Birthday Gifts" for her.
This is just a simple feather lace pattern scarf, it's a free pattern from Yarn Market . I used Peruvian Baby silk that I purchased from Elann last year, it's soft and yet warm to wear. Since sister is planning to travel to UK this end of year, guess this scarf will serve it's purpose.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My new top

My sewing project for sew-i-knit and wardrobe refashion 06 was done last weekend during my leave. I wanted to update it immediately after I finished it but my home's net connection doesn't allow me to. It getting me very fluctuated after waiting for more than an hour just to upload a photo and it keep on disconnect me. I gave up, I rather do it when I'm back to office.

This top was made out from 70's vintage fabric from my fabric stash. A pattern from Japanese pattern book called "Female", Summer 2005 issue. It's a easy top to make, light to wear and I like the flower print, very antique. Guess I'll going to wear it not just to office, but on leisure outing as well.

Front view

Back view

Friday, June 09, 2006

I made a bracelet

I made a bracelet out of scrap and leftover fabrics, scrap yarn and button. It's a simple and easy to make bracelet.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Received my yarn

The long waited yarn from Elann has arrived last weekend. It took about 9 weeks to reach me!! Gosh.....Surface shipping really took lots of time to arrive. Next time I'll choose air shipping rather than surface, at least I can get the yarn faster.The colour of the Lana Grossa yarns seem to defer from the pictures that I saw when I order online, they appeared to be more darker than what I aspected. Especially the butterscoth, it seem like copper to me. I check the colour code to my order and it was the same. Guess the colours shown at the computer monitor not so reliable compared to the real object. No projects in mind for them yet, I'll keep them for any right projects I come across in future.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Start to do "Poppy" outfit

I drafted out a dog's outfit pattern for Poppy (My sis's Tse Su dog) last night. It's a sleeveless t-shirt, to be reconstruct from one of my sis's old t-shirt. Eventually I was planning to use a pattern on the dog's outfit pattern book. However, I found that the pattern is very comfusing, therefore I try to draf my own instead. I cut out all the pieces and ready to sew it up. Planning to add in some patchworks to ease the boreness of plain white. Maybe some colourful stars around front of the t-shirt. If this one come out right for Poppy, I'll do some more for him with sleeve.