Monday, August 31, 2009

Paper tie for gift bag

I love to keep left over from my crafty projects from paper, fabrics, lace, ribbon....even some food packaging, brochures, magazine cut out....etc. I just kept them and always think that they would be useful one day. However, I kept too many of them and my work room is now almost over floated with small pieces of things here and there. :) The picture shown one corner of my work room with items I put on the tray in front of my laptop. These are just tiny part of them, I still have loads around on my cupboard, shelves ..... :) Really a messy room, I just don't have much time to tidy it up.

I am now starting to use those tiny treasuries of mine in my recent DIY projects and found that they are really fun and interesting to do. Just like these paper ties that I hav just made from left over small piece of papers from my previous "Window Decor" DIY.

It is made from the left over paper strip, thin wire (0.3mm) and glue. Just apply glue on the paper strip, place the wire at the 1/4 portion of the paper, fold the paper half and let them stick together, let dry overnight. That's it, so easy.

I have used these ties on my Etsy products and they look so nice on the gift bags. Those gift bags are made by me as well. They are plastic bags that I selvage from bubble envelopes that I used for packaging. Just cut off the label on the top part, stick a lace deco tape and that's it, a useful gift bag. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Window decoration

I'm selling these light weight crafting papers in my Supplies Etsy Shop and always wondering how it could be used for any of the crafting projects. Then, one day when I was browsing thru one of my Japanese crafting catalogue book of "Couturier", I saw a picture of this paper folded window decoration (As picture below). I decided to try to make one myself (without any instrution guide and just based on the pictures.) using those light weight crafting papers that I have. After some try and errors, finally I got the right pattern and the finished project is not bad though and looks pretty when decor on the window.

Picture source : Couturier crafting catalogue book

This is the finished window decor that I had made. I have to take the picture in this manner due to my lousy camera disablility to take the picture when it was sticked on the window. :(

I have the instruction on making this paper folded window decor as below. Try it if you like. You can use other light weight papers instead of those that I sell like colour tissue paper or tracing paper as long as they are light weight. Enjoy the project and happy crafting.

Instruction on paper folded window decoration

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Handmade table lamp

Out of the blue, hubby made this table lamp. He used wain rack and texture paper for the making. It's just a simple lamp but look really nice when the light is on. He so love of it that he put it on top of our bedroom's television set and open it every night. I like the paper texture and kept few small pieces of them for my future crafts usage. ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recycled paper pencil and instructions

A new recycled paper project that I have just made, "Recycled paper pencils". These pencils are made from magazine cut out. You could actually use newspaper to make this pencil but I find that using newspaper will be abit tedius and dirty. It would be easy if using magazine cut out and the effect and texture are more prettier than from newspaper. A very easy, economical and fun project to do.

The pencil feel just like normal wooden pencil that we used to use. Even, it is lighter and the paper texture of the pencil give you a more comfortable grid and nice to hold. I have made few for myself and already started to use them.

Just love the texture of these left over sisal from the sharpen edge, just thinking what can I make them to. Just thinking....maybe I will create something out of them. :)

I have wrote a simple instruction for this project. Just try to make them if you like to. You could make it with your kids as well, just make sure they can handle cutter well. If you have a very sharp sharpener, you could subtitute the cutter by sharperner. But I find that sharpener could not give me the good result and I prefer to use cutter.

Instructions of making the recycled paper pencil

PS : If you like to make this project and you can't find the pencil leads, you could buy it from my Etsy shop under the listing 2mm pencil leads.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My WIP knitted bag

A WIP of my new bag. It's knitted in 2x2 ribbing on the body, while the handles are hand sewn cardboard with vintage fabric. I love the pattern of the fabric, it's very oriental and remind me of those curtain that my mum used to put on the windows. :)

The bag is now needed to attach with inner lining and soon I will get it done and for sales at my Etsy shop of Cottonbud Design.