Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fabric for scallop hem skirt

Remember sometimes ago I posted about I wanted to make a skirt just like this by reconstruct it from two of my old skirts? However, that is not a good idea to do so, it'll be much more complicated if I reconstruct the skirt compared to draft and sew new one from fabric. I've some left over Bali Batik and plain beige cotton that are suitable for this project and I'll be using them to sew scallop hem skirt. I already got the draft of this A-Line skirt and am now working on the scallop hem. This is my first time to create scallop hem on garment, hopefully it is not hard to do so. The beige cotton will be at the front panel and the Bali Batik will be at the back panel of the skirt.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My new projects

I plan to knit a bag, a 3rd version of my previous garter stitch bag. But this time instead to knit the body in garter stitches, I knitted the bag in 2 x 2 ribbings. I'm now working on it's handle, will show once it is done.

These are yarns that I've unravelled from a size XL sweater that I've bought at low costs (RM15.00, about USD4), it is in the shade of Emerald Green. I don't prefer green actually, however this shade looks great and it is kind of suitable for Spring Fling, a free pattern from Spring 05 Knitty. I'll be using this to knit Spring Fling. The gauge of the recycled yarns seem smaller than the instruction given, about 28 sts over size 3.5mm needle. In order to compensate the differences, I decided to knit it in bigger size of L, hopefully it'll not out much.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Handful of projects...

I've lots of projects in my to do wish list.....
- to knit or sew bags,
- to knit Spring Fling,
- to sew a ruffle front blouse that I've finish drawing the drafts,
- to sew a book cover for mum's Bible,
- to sew scallop hem skirt that I've mentioned before,
- to sew a small curtain for my kitchen,
- to plant some small plants into some seashell I collected,
- to sew some cushion pillow cases........etc......etc....... I wish I have more times.........

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knitty - Bob

It is really an easy and relex knit. Took me about 2 weeks to finish the knitting, but I left it behind for a weeks before I block and join them all up to form this top. A very simple top to wear and it fits me quite well.

Pattern source : Spring 03 Knitty, Bob
Yarn : Elann, Enless Summer Collection - Connemara in the shade of rich creme, 7 ball used.
Needle : 4.5mm bamboo straight

Monday, November 13, 2006

Grace in fabric

I like Grace, my first knitted garment, a very simple and easy to match top that I had knitted early last year. Everytime I look at Grace, it makes me think of to knit another piece with a more decent yarn instead of Acrylic that I had been used. However, the idea back me off with all those free patterns that keep on poping out in the web until I saw a picture of blouse from a Japanese magazine which similar to Grace. It gave me the idea to create Grace in fabric instead of yarn. I drafted the pattern based on the symentric graph of Grace, of couse some changes has been added for it to suit for fabric sewing. After two days of hard works, and here is the result : A light, simple and casual garment for me. I love it just like how I love the knitted Grace.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poncho/wraps in Malaysia?

Since I pick up the knitting hobby, I always observe what people wear while I went for shopping or on the street. I hardly see people wearing Summer knit or crochet outfits around. In fact, I saw lots of ponchos and wraps in the Mall. The people wear it with turtle neck pullover and high boots, as if it is Autumn or Winter in Malaysia. Maybe those people work in the Mall, it's truely very cold if you stay inside the Mall whole day but not outside, you will be sweating if wearing such outfits outside the Mall. Or maybe it's the trend now to wear poncho and wrap? I doubt.....but I just love to see people wearing such outfit, looks very trendy to me though and I feel to knit one as well. Thinking of that, maybe I could make a poncho as Christmas gift for Sister.
Some free online poncho pattern that is under my consideration for this Christmas project :