Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little key ring memo pad

This is made from plastic charm for curtain garland, scrap papers and key ring. Simple DIY projects that to reused the scrap papers and reduce the rubbish. It could be use as key chain to store your keys and at the same time be as a handy small writing pad. Or you could just hang it in your bag for easy usage when needed. I have a simple DIY instruction on how you could make it. Try it out, it's a fun project to do.
DIY Instruction

1) Materials : 2 plastic charms, pencil, scissors, cutting knife, scrap papers, hard card stock or carton cardboard (You can use cereal box or other packaging box), hole puncher and key ring.

2) Trace the pattern of the charm to hard card stocks or carton carboard.

3) Using cutting knife to cut out the pattern. Keep the cut out pattern, it will be useful and could be made to other project. I will shown what it could be made out of in my next DIY project. What we need now is the mold of the pattern to trace papers.

4) Using the card mold that we have made to trace the pattern to scrap papers.

5) Cut the pattern out and punch a little hole at the middle of the paper. If possible mark the place to punch same as the hole at the charm.

6) Lastly, just thread all the cut pattern papers and charms to a key ring.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bicycle brooch-Sliver and pink

Bicycle brooch-Sliver and pink
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Very sweet colour. Didn't expact the colour combination came out so nice and sweet when I made it. I was so worried the pink will look weird with silver. The result came out very satisfying and I love it.

Available at Little Teeth Shop

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New shop opening!!

I have set up a new shop for selling kawaii and cute purses, bags, stationeries, accessories on a new blog of Little Teeth Shop. Still in the midst of setting up all the products to this new shop. And I am offering these sweet rose shape pocket mirror for free if you puchase USD35 and above from the shop. This offer is for limited time only and while stocks last. You can choose from the colour of dark pink, light pink, white and black. For more information, you could find out more from Little Teeth Shop.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Candy colour bobby hair pins

Just love these candy colour butttons bobby hair pins. They are made from plastic star and round ball buttons in sweet colour of pink, blue, green, white, yellow, black and dark pink. Cute and fun to wear.

Available at Little Teeth Shop

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I am on Twitter

Just created this Twitter accounts. Still not sure how it's work. Anyway, I will post update of new products from both of my Etsy's shops of Cottonbud Design and Little Teeth Shop. Also news from online shop that me and my husband are now working on. If you like to receive these updates, come follow me on Twitter. ;)