Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back of 2 projects done

Wip pictures of my on hand projects. I have done both back pieces of the projects, now in the midst of knitting front of wrap cardigan.

a) Wrap Cardigan

b) Tia, free pattern from Berroco.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Scrap Fabric Flower Brooch

What will you do on the scrap fabric that you gathered from selvage of sewing projects? I guess most of us will just keep the bigger pieces of scrap and throw away all those tiny one. However I felt that it was such a waste to throw anythings away even though it is just a tiny piece of scrap. Especially when it is vintage fabric or fabric that with pretty print on it. So, normally I will just keeping them up. But by just keep on keeping all those scrap selvage, I will end up with storage problem too. Therefore, I've come out an idea to reduce my stash of scrap fabric, I used some of them to make this scrap fabric flower brooch. The result came out satisfied and it seem to be a nice accessory to attach to clothes and bags.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Gift box for Mother's Day

I made this gift box in intension to give to mum on mother's day together with a gem stone bracelet that I bought for her. It was mainly made from recycled items: some spool from used cellophane tape, scrap damask tickings and cardboard. I decorated the top with some artificial roses to add some colour to the plain box. It is a fast and easy to make project, yet it can be a great and nice box to hold small gifts.

p.s : Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in this world!!

Progress of my knitting projects

This is a non picture post to update the progress of my knitting projects, I'll be showing pictures later when the projects grow more interesting. ;)

Lace wrap over cardigan
I have finished the back piece of lace wrap over cardigan, now is in the midst of knitting the right front portion. The length of the finished back piece seem to be longer than the instruction and I did no modification on it, maybe the gauge of the yarn that I am using differ it from the pattern. Anyhow, I prefer the length to be longer and hope it will just nice for what I wanted.

Tia - vest
This is a free pattern from Berroco - Tia, a simple vest in variegated yarn. I use Sonata for this project as well. Just started the bottom ribbing for the back piece and it seem to grow pretty slow cause I am doing two projects in the roll. I pick up this project whenever I get bored of knitting lace wrap over cardigan. This is my first knitting project in variegated yarn, kind of exciting to wait for how the yarn will turn out in the project.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Day trip to Morib

Some pictures took on a small trip to near by seaside of Morib on 1st May break.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I just love these shoe

I usually went for marketing at the open local wet market during weekend, and this pair of victorian rose flat shoe catches my eyes when I saw them selling there. It's cheap (only RM13 less than USD4 per pair) it's light and comfortable to wear. I wear it almost everyday whenever I go out either to work or shopping. I'll go back to the stall to search for more shoes like these next time when I go for marketing again.