Saturday, July 23, 2005

Over the pass weekdays...

I've blocked the back piece and both sleeves of Eyelet pullover. It seem that it's still curling on the side, guess I'll need to do another blocking after joining them all up. The front piece is only about 30% finished. Might need some time to get it done since nowaday I'm pretty slow in knitting.

These are some of the stash of yarn that I've currently. Got 2 balls of Katia anad Lana Grossa yarns that I've no idea of what to do with it. They are bought by my sister during her trip to Hongkong some years ago. Maybe I'll knit a clutch bag for her and myself. For the 4 skeins of white yarns that I bought the other days, will do a shrug. Got a free pattern from Interwave staff project and thinking of doing a cable shrug. It's another projects my wish list.

I also bought June issue of Burda, they have some nice sewing projects that I'm thinking of doing also. The flower printed blouse is so nice that I thik I must do, but still have't figure out which stash of my cloth will suit for this project.

Wow.... seem that I've lots of projects to do in my wish list, here they are :
1) Black skirt - will create the pattern myself based on Anna Sui's skirt
2) White cable shrug
3) Clutch bag - 2, using the Katia and Lana Grossa yarns
4) Blouse - pattern from June Burda
5) Crocheted bell flower shape rug

Friday, July 15, 2005

Wish list

I discovered this Anna Sui's skirt picture yesterday while I was browsing some fashion show pictures online and decided to sew one alike using one of my stash cloth in back with tiny white lines. Will put it in my "Wish list" and do it later after finish knitting eyelet pullover.

I also finish knitted one of the sleeve of the eyelet pullover and now working on the second sleeve. The finished sleeve is now on the blocking board and soon I'll blocking for the back piece of the garment, and maybe join the raglan seam to see how it look.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sonnet Cardigan

I've another knit project in hand, Sonnet from Knitty, it's knitted up to the left front and back of the cardigan. I only knit it whenever I was at my in-law house during weekend, and where I got nothing to do much at the house. At least with Sonnet, I can got my hand busy while I was there.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday outing

I finished up with the blue silk satin tunic blouse that I sewn the other day on Friday night, so that I can wear it on Saturday to see a mini concert at Bukit Jalil National Statium. It's a HongKong singer Eason Chan's new album fan club mini concert. I did wear the tunic for the concert, but feel regret after that cause it's abit hot to wear for such an outing where there'r ton of people jam in the concert and I can felt that my blouse was wet due to the humility. Anyway, the tunic blouse did look good on me although it's abit too small, I should made it a more larger size, never think that I've grown so fat after married. :)

I also finished knitted the back of the eyelet pullover on Sunday. I took some relex knitting, instead of straight to the front of the garment, I knit one of the sleeve. Will block the back piece tonight and see how it turn out to be.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Quilting Project

I'm currently working on a queen size quilt project. It's Grandmother flower patches in blue. I like blue and got some salvage stash from my mother in the range of blue colour, that's why I decided to do a quilt in this colour. I hand stitches the quilt by joining the flower one by one to the entire quilt, it's now about 50% finished and it already took me 6 months to do it. Goshhh.... guess it will be an endless project. Anyway I love to look at the flower patches, very nice. Sometime I'll put the unfinished quilt on the floor just to admire it and wonder when I'll get it done and put it on my bed. Emmm.... maybe only another year later. :)

My blue grandmother flower patches

A close up view

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Eyelet pullover

This is my current knit project, a purple eyelet pullover, free pattern from Elann. I started this project immediately after finished Grace, and it's now 30% finished. The eyelets are abit difficult to knit, guess it'll take me some time to finish the whole garment.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Tunic blouse

I've done some sewing on Sat and Sun, a light blue tunic blouse. The pattern is from Burda magazine April 05 issue. I bought this magazine partly because of this tunic that I'm so wanted to sew, moreover I got some stash of fabric in store waiting for me to begin and there is this light blue silk satin that's so suitable for this pattern, I bought this fabric years ago, and never be able to find any nice pattern to work on it. Finally, it can be used for this time.

That's the pattern on the right side of the magazine that I'm doing. I used light blue instead of green as stated in the magazine

That's the tunic, still left for the button and button hole to be attached

Saturday, July 02, 2005

My first finished knitted project

My very first knitted adult pullover. I took about 3 weeks to finish it, phew...... pretty fast for a beginner huh?? Doesn't it look lovely?? :) The pattern is from Knitty, "Grace". I was so tempted to knit after I discover this pattern from Knitty and it's easy to knit, great for me as a beginner.

It's hard to get knitting yarns in Malaysia, the weather here is too humid for knit wear, it's just a hobby for those who knit, just like what I did. I'm so lucky to get this offer mohair yarn in one of the local store "Macy". It's cheap and I only paid RM20 for 10 skeins of them. I used mohair in light brown colour, knitted 2 strands together with size 5mm needle to get the gauge in the pattern and it was finished in mid June. It's a bit too hot to wear Grace here, I only be able to wear it to work where my office got air conditional. Other wise, it will be station in my wardrobe. :(

Does't it look lovely??

I attached a flower brooch at the front of the pullover to cover up the uneven joining part.

Double lovely........

Pictures of my bags

Here are some of the bags that I had been done past year.

1) Mono bag
This is a mono tone bag where one side of the bag is print fabric and another side is plain. The fabric are poly cotton and batik.

2) Japanese tied bag

This is a Japanese bag pattern where it can be tied on the top as a handle to carry around. The fabric is vintage "batik". It got full plain cotton lining inside.

3) Rattan bag

This is a soft fabric bag where I use vintage fabric on the outside and plain cotton lining in the inside.

4) Cherry bag

It's a ladylike bag where I have crocheted cherry to attach on it. Here are the pictures of cherry bag in blue pokka dot and red check. The fabric are poly cotton. Full plain cotton lining with a small pocket.

Friday, July 01, 2005

At last I have created a Blog

Emmm.... new blog for myself at last. Going to blog in some projects that I have been working lately and some pictures of my old projects. Hopefully can get it done sooner.