Friday, September 29, 2006

Pretty knit/crochet bag

Look at those bags, aren't they pretty?? I wish I could have one like it...

Source from : Nordstrom

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cap sleeve wool jacket

Most of the reconstuction works that you could see from the web were to modify a bigger garmet to a smaller fitting one, but mine is the other way round, I reconstruction mine to bigger size from a small one. This time, it's my old wool sweater that needs modifications. I slash off both of the sleeves and cut the front piece into half. Installed both the front opening with 3" bands for extention. I draft my own cap sleeve pattern and it came out not bad though and all these modification were done on plain dark brown cotton fabric. It's a buttonless jacket, I'll wear it with a small brooch and a camisole underneath.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Back of V-neck raglan top finished

This was done last night, it took me about a week to finish. Quite a fast and easy project to do, as I'm such a slow knitter, to finish this in just a week is real fast for me. The Toccata yarn that I used for this project is soft to touch, guess it will be a soft and cool top when finished. However, the yarn gets to twist and tangle up very badly while I knit. I wasted such a fair bit of time just to untangle the yarn, it has slower down the knitting process too. This top seem to be a simple top, hope it truly will because I like simple top rather that a fancy one.

Friday, September 08, 2006

New project

I cast on a new project, a simple v neck raglan pullover with openwork pattern at the bottom. It was a free pattern that I downloaded from elann. Unfortunately, the link has been deleted from their site, not available anymore. I use one of the cotton yarn that I bought from them called Lana Grossa Toccata in Butterscotch for this project. No picture was taken on my new project, since it was just started last week, so nothing is interesting to show yet.
This is the picture of the project will look like when it's finished. Mine will be in more darker colour as per yarn shown below.