Friday, August 25, 2006

Pre-blogging FO

I'm in the process of tidying up my wardrobe recently, and I found I have some tops that I had made but hardly wearing them. I just wondering.....what happen and why I just kept them all in the closet without touching them at all for almost a year. Then, I started to try them on one by one, checking out whether I still could be fitted into them or not. Since I already put them on, and thinking why not I just take some pictures and maybe I could show them in my blog as well. So here they are now, my pre-blogging finished objects.

This is a long sleeve blouse that I made based on a pattern from one of my Japanses pattern magazines (Below picture is the magazine). The fabric that I used have lots of colourful borders on it, They look nice on the fabric but not when it was cut and made up. And it is too colourful to wear on bright sun. I never wear it, I did attempt to wear it few times but just feel funny everytime I put them on and take off immediately after that.

Tunic that I made but hardly wear

These are some tunic tops that I had made past years but I hardly wear them. They have been in my wardrobe for about a year old already. Of course I like them, just there are some reasons that I don't like to wear them much. Once in a while I will take them out just to admire and station them back to the wardrobe again.

1) Up to knee length tunic top

This tunic was made from Indian's Sari fabric. There were some motive embellishment on the Sari that I maintained to be placed at the bottom of the tunic as what you could see from the second picture above. Pattern from one of my fashion magazines that I bought some years ago called Spruce. No modification was done on the pattern. The tunic suit me quite well actually, but there are some fallbacks, the collar is too low, almost up to my belly button. And the fabric is kind stiff and unbreathable, not comfortable to wear and that's the reasons I never wear it althought it's actually a nice tunic. Such a waste.....

2) A modification version tunic on the above pattern

This was the modification version of tunic based on the first one that I made. I like the pattern, but too bad with the original pattern, it's not comfortable to wear with. So I did some changes on it, the length of the tunic has been shorten till the length to cover my stomac and the collar as well. At least it's more comfortable to wear. I used Indian's Sari to make this tunic too, it's thin and light, very airy to wear. has a fallback as well.....need to be ironed. I dislike ironing job, thus I hardly wear it too. I wore it once in a blue moon when I have the mood to do ironning. See....what a waste to just keeping all this nice outfits in my closet but not wearing them. ;)

p/s : The book that I got the pattern from

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Me on creamy leaf top

This is how creamy leaf top looks like when it is on me.....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Remember my 70's vintage's top?

What's happen to my WIP on this 70's Vitange top that I cast on early of the year? Well.... I'm really tired with the small gauge knitting (Cause it progressing very slow...) and didn't really put much attention on it. Since I don't have any new project in hand now, I pick it up again and try to knit it now and then. With the back finished and I'm almost done with the front, working on right shoulder area now. Can I be able to finish it before end of this month? I doubt.... just don't know why, I'm kind of lacking energy to craft every time I came back from work and I drift off pretty early recently, just feel very tired. Guess I've been working too hard daytime, must need some good rest already. ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New style book

I bought these two clothing style book magazines few days ago. Very good magazine which consists tons of nice clothing patterns. Really must try to make some one day.

p/s : Doreen, I'll try to take a picture of me wearing the creamy leaf top. Will show once I got it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Creamy leaf top finished last this is was knitted using recycled yarns at the gauge of 18 stitches x 24 rows (10cm) using bamboo 4.5mm needles. Pattern from a translated Chinese pattern book called "500 prettiest knits". It's a simple sleeveless top with just leaf pattern all around. A fast knitting project, however I've not been knitting or craftng for the past two weeks and thus I took more then a month to finish it. The yarn is thick and it made the top kind of heavy to be wear, yet it's cooling cause it's cotton and the leaf pattern provide a good ventilation when wearing. I'm satisfy with the outcome.