Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New project n magazine

I cast on new project last weekend, it's a simple bolero cardi from Drops magazine (Garnstudio). This is a simple and easy project as it's only knitted in stockinette. I'm using Online Linie 163 Bingo in beige colour to knit it and I only have 4 balls, hopefully they are enough for this bolero.

And I bought this new Vogue knitting magazine "Knit Simple" of Spring/Summer issue. I really like this magazine, it gots lots of projects that I really would like to do. Maybe I'll use one of the new yarns that I bought online from Elann to cast on one of then. I haven't got those yarns yet, still in transit, hopefully I can receive them this week. Lets peek inside for some nice projects that I would like to do.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ratan bag

I've done with the second sew i knit project of bag during the weekend. I used ratan rings as the bag's handle with thick curtain fabric as the body of the bag that I bought from Ikea and some buttons to hold the rings to the body of the bag. I based on the bag picture that I got from a Japanese online store "Bellne" to create this pattern of my own. Some modifications has been done before this final pattern and I like the way those buttons hold the handle and they have made it look more unique. And the flower, the colour just perfectly matches with the colour of the bag. Happy and satisfy with how it turn out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Recently there're lots of fabrics sales in town, I just couldn't resist the temptation and have been buying fabrics. I only buy fabrics during sales time, it's more worth it. All those fabrics are at least 20% off and I've bought a fair bit of them. No particular projects in mind for them yet, will just keep and see what will they fit for later.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Green crochet top finished

Tah...dah....I present to you my newly finished object, The Green Crochet Top. (I look like a pregnant lady in the picture :( fat...., maybe I should pull the bottom ribbings up more.) Anyway, I'm happy and satisfy with the outcome, although it's not that soft again the skin but it's kind of cooling to be wear. The colour is nice as well, it matches with the pattern and the texture of the yarn has made the top look more unique. Not bad...recycled yarn also can produced such a great FO, kind of thrilled with it. Eventhough frogging for recycled yarn is a tedious job to do, but I think it's worth so. (In my cases only, others might not agree with me.) This project just costs me RM15.00!! Cheap!! For such an amount of money, I can't get even a ball of quality yarn, not to mention those luxurious brand, I even can't get half ball of it!! Basically, I just enjoy the knitting process, I can work in any type of yarns provided I got the right pattern for it. I guess these explain why my recent projects mostly work in recycled yarns. ;)

This is a combination of crochet and knitting top, the body was crocheted in steel hook no. 5/0 and the ribbing was knitted in needle size 3.5mm. I've made changes on it's neckband, the original one looks like what appeared on the picture above, it was too loose and I folded it half and sewn it inside into the garment. Got this pattern from a Chinese knitting and crocheting pattern book called "Pretty Girl Knitted Outfit" (Translated). This pattern book contant lots of lovely and nice projects to do, the only shortfall is it does not give full instructions, it only shown some schematic graphic and size of needle to use. No gauge and type of yarns for the project, I've to do lots of guessing works to get it right. Anyway, it's a fast crochet project and it's my first crocheted outfit. ;)