Friday, June 22, 2007

Can I make a crochet bag?

I love crocheted bag but every time when I wanted to make one for myself, I seem not be able to find a nice pattern to make. I tried few times to design my own kind of crocheted bag, anyhow I fail to do so. I don't know where to begin and am not good in crochet designing, but I love crochet bag!!What should I do, buying one? No...can't find nice one in the market and it's expensive as well. Then I saw a picture with a crocheted flower motive bag in a magazine, with a big courage of my urge, I try. I try to make some flower motives just like in the picture. Now, I'm in the midst of thinking how should I complete it to form a bag. Hopefully I can be success this time and make a nice crocheted bag.

I made a brooch using this tool

Remember this tool that I bought in April? I have tested it to make a long cord and with it I had made a flower brooch like the picture below. I twisted the long cord to form a six petals flower pattern, so as the glass beads in the same way as well. Using some scrap fabric as the base of the brooch and arrange the cord and beads on top of each other and there it become, a simple brooch. Actually, I'm not quite satisfy with the outcome, too plain, maybe I'll add in some lace or ribbon to make it more interesting. Anyhow, just let it be first, I'll think of what to do with it later.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Handmade bracelet

I bought some strands of gem stone in turquoise, agate and jasper the other days. And I used few of the turquoise to make this bracelet. It's made by simple connection of turquoise to sterling bead cap and small blue quartz in between the turquoise. Just a simple design for the first timer like me. And I faced difficulty making the twisted round hook on each end of the stone, guess practise will make perfect. Therefore I will definitely making more jewelry using those gem stone that I have bought in nice earrings....necklace....bracelet..... ;)

I apologised that the quality of the photos is really bad and it can't show all the details no matter how I try to take the pictures. Guess I need to blame the camera.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Couturier

Spring / Summer issue of Couturier with some sneak peek pages.