Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What kind of purse is this?

Just wondering....did anyone ever experiencing the trouble to carry the sanitary pad in your handbag? Well, I did. I can't find a perfect purse to hold the sanitary pad in order for me to put into my handbag to carry along in case I need one. What I had done was just slot the pad into any of the small pocket available on my handbag, that will give problem when there is no pocket in that particular handbag. And it doesn't look nice when you accidently open up the pocket and expose the contents. So, what I have made to overcome this problem is this "sanitary purse". It is just a simple 4" x 4" (when folded) purse with a pocket and some partment for me to put in whatever size of those sanitary pads that I wanted to put into it. With velcro attached on it, the content in the purse would not be so easily expose to others and it looks more like a coin purse. Now, I don't have to worry how will I carry this item in my handbag, I just can put the purse in any partment of the handbag I prefer. Isn't that handy to use?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My mini "Unazukin"

This is the famous Japanese's toy called "Unazukin", the nodding and shaking head toy when you talk to her. The original "Unazukin" is about 3" tall but mine is only 1", a miniture that I bought from toy vending machine. Mine could only nodding head, not when you talk to her but when you move her up and down. This miniture came in 5 shades, the one that I have name "Princess", I like the little crown on her head, very cute. If I have chance to go to the same stall again, I might want to vend some more in other shade.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hexagon coaster

I still have some left over fabric from this project "Pine tree pillow case" which I had been cut into triangle. By not wasting the fabric, I made it into some hexagon shape coasters. I never have any coaster or placement to use before these, and now they seem to be very useful for me and hubby when we wanted to drink tea on our coffee table in front of the television. We certainly will enjoy the tea by not worrying it will wet the table and need to clean the mess later on.

I finished the 9 patches baby blanket

Just get this finished during the weekend, a simple 9 patches baby blanket for my brother new born baby boy. Initially I wanted to make a quilt rather than a blanket, however quilt will be too warm to use in Malaysia's weather, therefore I made it a blanket. Nothing fancy, just some light blue floral print mixed with plain cream colour and beige colour cotton and back with sky blue little sheep print flannel. Will be giving to him when I pay visit to them this coming weekend.