Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reconstruct my wardrobe #4

I did a simple reconstruction on one of my long pant. As I've told before that my waist has been growing crazily over the years, I can't wear most of my old skirts and pants included this one. When I check the pant's waist area, there still have spaces for me to extend. So what I done on it was I deconstructed the waist band, released all the waist darts and some seam allowances at the back portion of the pant. That gave me around 5" extra room on the waist area (Wow......5"......My waist had grew alot!! ). After that I reinstalled back the waist band onto the pant. Of course with the original one, it could not be fitted to the new pant, cause the measurement was smaller previously. So happen that the original band has long tail at each ends for ribbon tied as the closure. I used these allowances for the extention and did it as a normal closure with button for the new one. It fitted me quite well and I'm satisfy with it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

pretty skirt

Look at the skirt on the above picture, isn't it pretty and cute? I like the idea of variation fabrics used on this skirt making. It has made it look more interesting and cute. Now there is tutorial on how to make this skirt from disdressed. Although it's look kind of complicated to make, but worth to try. I might try to do one for myself using 2 old skirts that I couldn't be wear. Hopefully it's not tedius and hard to do. ;)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy, busy weeks

I was busy at works for the past week, financial year end closing. There are endless reports to prepare, Q&A from the Auditors etc etc.... No rest at all, I even worked during my lunch time. Phew....really busy.....guess it'll only be ended next week and then I could take some leaves to relex and rest. Nothing much was done on crafty site, couldn't concentrate my minds and physically very tired after come back home from work. I did try to knit few stitches or lines these few days trying to finish the creamy leaft top, but the progress is very very slow, too slow that I think I could only show FO on another week to come, hopefully....

Just some lovely teddy bear pictures to share. I admire people that could do lovely toys. Just like what I found from this website , a Korean toy making site. Those toys are so adorable, I really wish I could do one like it too.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Creamy leaf top

I cast on new knitting project, a simple sleeveless creamy leaf top, a pattern from a Chinese pattern book called "500 Pretties Knits". I use recycled yarn that I obtained from a "XXL" size of pullover that I bought from a thrift shop sometimes ago for this project. It's more economical to use recycle yarn and it only cost me RM15.00. Not forgot to say, it's cotton. Of course it was tedius to obtain the yarns, but why not? It's economical and you can tranform it to more prettier knit wear and meanwhile enjoy the process of knitting. Not a bad idea though... ;)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Reconstruct my wardrobe # 3

This blouse was bought during my early 20's, it's a late 80's kind of outfit where big and baggy were the trend. Most of my old garments have been giving aways but yet I still keep this one due to the collar, it's very feminine with the lace around but too loose and long to wear. In order to suit it to my current size, I've trim off all the access fabric at the side of the garment, added in waist darts at the front and back pieces. Dismantled both the sleeves, reshaped to smaller size and shorten it to 3/4 sleeves instead of long sleeves. I shorten the length of the blouse and reshaped it's bottom as well.....sound like a big project huh..... :) Instead it was not a hard work for this reconstruction, the only fallback was the sleeves, where I need to find a suitable pattern in order to fit it into the new blouse's armhole. The whole process took me about 2 days to finish and I'm very satisfy with the outcome. At least it's still wearable after the reconstruction.

This is how it looks like on me after the reconstruction.