Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blue scallop top

My last post for the year of 2005. ;) "A light blue scallop top", not a FO though, just some update and pictures to show. The back portion of this top is finished, front is remaining 10% and another 10% for the collar and armhole, in whole remaining 20% to FO. It's fast and easy to knit, I love the scallop pattern, looks unique. Moreover the loose stitches will give good ventilation when wearing, more appropriate to wear in our weather. Did you notice the flower? Yeah....I made it. I've made it with some thin polyester and netting fabric, a flower pattern from Japanese sewing magazine called "Female". The beige colour of this flower seem to match with light blue of the top. Plan to attach it to the top later, hopefully it'll look nice on it.
Happy New Year!!

Beaded purse

I made a small purse as a Christmas gift for my Sister in law. My first time doing purse and beads embroidery. Not doing a good job on the beads, they seem all twisted and not in straight line as planned. Anyway, I'm quite satisfy with the outcome. SIL seem to like the purse, that has made me feel delightful. :)
More pictures on my finished object album : Beaded purse
p/s : Thanks for the comments on my previous post on the bag that I made for my sister. It's my own pattern and I used hand stitches hemming to attach the handle. Haven't got the picture of the bag with buttons yet, waiting for my sister to email me so that I could attach it here. So hold on and I will tell more about it later.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another Christmas gift for sis

I knitted a bag for sis, it's a Christmas gift to her as well. Lucky her, got 2 Christmas gifts from me this year. ;) It's not finish though, I still need to attach some nice buttons around the left side corner of the bag. Well, haven't got the right buttons yet, will get them this Friday when I'm on leave for Christmas break. I'll show the final finished bag next week after Christmas break.

Merry Christmas and happy new year !!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My first attempt on amigurumi toy

This is my first attempt on amigurumi toy. Since he has such a tanned brown colour, I call him "Brownie Bear". I got this pattern from a Japanese sewing magazine "Making" of 2001 Autumn issue. This magazine has been discontinued by it's publisher, I found it from a local newspaper stall that selling old and back issue magazines. This is a great magazine which contained lots of sewing information and nice patterns, too bad it has been discontinued. Anyway, I'm glad that I managed to buy 9 issues of them.

The original pattern doesn't look like what I'd made, mine doesn't seem much like a bear, he got such a carton face instead. Maybe from the way that I attached the nose, eyes, ears and the eyebrow that I've added made it look funny. Anyway, I'm quite satisfy with the outcome, and I planned to make few more in different attires to make it a group of bear friends. ;)

Cabled cardi done

Finally, cabled cardigan is all done. It has took me two months to finish, such a long project to do, phew!! I like the one button and 3/4 length sleeve of this cardigan, these has made it look special. However, it's warm to wear at our weather :( I guess I would not wear it much and most properly it'll be kept in the wadrobe.
This is a free pattern from Kertzer. And I did the shell earlier but if it to be wear with this cardigan, it'll be more warmer. So I tend to wear them seperately, at least I can wear the shell to the office but not the cardigan, too warm.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Notebook cover for myself

Something is very wrong with the server lately, it's very hard to get hook online and it take me hours just to get myself login to blogger. I've been trying to update since Monday but fail to do so till now. It's still processing very slow, hopefully I can upload my update with no error occurred.

I've finished seaming the cabled cardigan, but yet it's not finished, lots of loose end need to be weaved in. Maybe will finished it by this weekend.....hopefully, cross my finger. :)

Another notebook cover has been done, it's an embroidered flower motive cover. This time it's for myself and I'll be using it for drafting and sketching any crafty ideas that come across my mind.

Clik on my album on notebook cover #2 for more pictures.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Seaming time

Finally, cabled cardi is off from the needle. Phew! That's really took lots of my time to finish. I've blocked all pieces of the garment, next will be seaming section which I wish to do at this weekend. Hopefully I'll get it all done and show the picture next week. Cardigan knitting is really time consuming, moreover when it's fill with cable and lace patterns. So, no cardi knitting for me at least at this moment. I'll go for easy and relex knit on my next coming project.
My next upcoming project is a simple turtleneck scallop stitches top using yarn that I ripped off from my previous Sonnet project. Recall Sonnet? A long ago project on cardigan knitting. I actually had finished it's body, however I don't quite like the outcome. The yarn seem not suitable for this project, thought it had small gauge but mohair will be warm to wear in our humid weather. So it has been ripped off....yes....all off, no more Sonnet. This new top that I knitting now is a straight line top, no shapping at all, and those loose sticthes of scallop stitches will give good ventilation when wearing. Though those scallop stitch seem kind of complicated to be knitted, in fact it's quite easy and fast to do. I've already done 4" and believe it'll be fast to finish

p/s : Thanks everyone on the comments for my notebook cover, I really appreciate them and they're the encouragement for me to work hard for more great crafty things. :)