Thursday, June 19, 2008

My little coin purse

Yeap.... This is newly made. I use the crochet lace that I recently made to attached to the purse. The metal frame was recycled from an old purse that was broken and same for the fabric, it is left over cotton from other projects. However, this is not well done and a little defeat on the metal frame during the decontruction from old purse. But I don't mind that much, as long as it's usable and function well, I will use it. And now I have keep the little purse in my bag for the intended purpose, to hold my loose coins and it could really hold quite a fair bit of coins though.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you believe these are erasers?

Truely, no joke!! These are erasers, miniture erasers in the shape of Japanese foods. Really amazing isn't it? Would you like to have one? Well, I'll be open a new supplies Etsy shop soon for these new listings, just stay tune for more informations.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oops!! It has become a bag blog

I know.....I only blogged about my bags or something relating to bags recently. Sorry.... it must be boring huh?? I have no new knitting project to show at this moment. This cable panel that I am working on.....again.......relating to my next bag project. I am planning to knit a poncho or maybe a capelet, well.....just planing, still searching for the right pattern to work on, will show if this works out. So, just bear with me with my boring bag blogging for a moment. I will come back with more interesting knitting projects soon. ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a pretty day to take pictures

I was on half day leave today and when I was at home, I found that the weather was so pretty and suitable to take some pictures for my newly made bags. Since hubby at home as well, I asked him to help me taking some of the pictures.

Among all pictures taken, I like this was taken while I was setting up the bags for photo shooting section. The lighting and angle are so natural that I just love it so much and thinking of putting it here and blog about it. Just hope someone will read and enjoy it as well.

I am in the midst of editing the pictures of the bags and soon will list it in my Etsy shop for sales. Do check it back later. :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

A book about bag makers from Paris

This is a great book, I just bought it from "KL Chinese Book Fair" last week. It's all about bag designers at Paris, lots of informations and pretty bags to look at. It's actually a translated Chinese version from Japanese, title of the book in Chinese called, "Paris ladies, the bag designers". I just love it so much that I'll flip thru the book every night before I go to bed lately. Here are some snap shot of the interesting pictures from the book.

This bag is made from wall paper, can you believe it? Wall paper? It's just a amazing idea to use pretty wall paper to make a bag like this. There is a simple instruction on how this bag is made, pretty interesting though but too bad I can't get such a great wall paper in Malaysia, how sad....

And this is one of the art works done by one of the feature bag designers in the book. I like the birdy on the frame, very cute.

These are the snap shot bags from the street of Paris. Look at that, so pretty..... I can't see people in Malaysia carry such a pretty bag on street. :(

Monday, June 02, 2008

Crochet lace

I am currently crochet this lace using 1.5mm steel crochet hook in white Coats & Clark's crochet yarn. It's such a fun to crochet this lace and it's pretty easy to do too. I intended to use it on my next bag design. Hope it will match the fabric and design that I will be using for the bag and come out nice and cute.