Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Progress of my WIPs

A) Crochet bag
I've already attached the ratan handle to the bag. As you can notice from the picture, the yarn that I used to attach the handle is cream colour rather than white, reason being I was running out of the white yarn, morevoer it was an offer yarn which already discontinued. The cream yarn was the best substitute that I can find from my stash to match the bag. Well, it seem quite match to me though, is it? :) The back ground dark brown colour fabric will be lining for the bag. Initially, I wanted to put off white, however the flower motive pattern wouldn't be seem if I choose off white, therefore I pick dark brown instead. Still working on the bag's lining. Hopefully I could get it done by this weekend.

B) The new nail enamel flower
One stalk of the flower has been done, still working on the others. I actually base on the real flower when I work on this but I have no idea what's the name, I know the name in Chinese but in English....errrr.... really no idea. Please tell me if you recognise what flower is this.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

What happen to my knitting

Seem like that is not much knitting process happen in this blog recently. What's wrong? Well, I do knit here and there sometimes, just I don't really have interesting progress to show at this moment. My knitting projects seem to grow slower and slower. Reason being, it's really too warm to knit in this climate and I didn't wear much of my knitted FO, and it's really not appropriate to wear sweater or cardigan here at all. Anyway, I still do knit and this is the new project that I just started, a "shoulder slit top", free pattern from Vogue Knitting using Katie "Denim". It seem to be a very simple top to knit, that's why I pick this yarn which have special fiber effect so that it will add a bit of exciting to the FO, hopefully it will.

I still have lots of WIPs in hand at the moment, .... the crochet bag.... the new nail enamel flower... the scrap fabic blanket... the emerald top.... etc etc... seem like I'm really a busy woman. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

WIP - Another nail enamel flower

I'm all about flower recently and I'm doing another nail enamel flowers. This time I'm making the nail enamel leaves to match the flowers as well. These are the WIP pictures on the flower that I'm working on and will disclose more on the progress if I have taken interesting pictures to show here later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beaded flower brooch

I made this, a very simple beaded flower brooch by just using thin wire thread with beads and twisted in circle to form flower petals in two sizes. Then join all the petals together with a pearl in the middle. A very simple brooch to make and it will to attach to one of my handmade bag.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some scrap fabric for blanket

Got some scrap fabric from mum, an advantage for having mum worked in a garment factory before. All of the fabric are in the same floral print but in different colour shade. All already cut into triangle and even some had been join together. So, by not making it to a complicated patchwork, I'll just assemble the triangle up to form the same colour shade in the middle of every block. Hard to explain how the actual block would be, I will show more when I assemble more of them later. And it will be a queen size blanket after finish.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

WIP - My Crochet Bag

I wish to crochet my own bag and I did it. Though it is not all finish, but at least I have done the whole crochet bag and now just wait for the finishing on the handle and add on the inner lining to the bag. I don't have enough yarn for the handle, I used up all of them on the crochet bag, therefore I need to search on my stash to look for the similar white yarn for the finishing part. Hopefully I could find some suitable yarn for the substitute. For the lining, most properly I'll just use some off white fabric and that will be come out from my fabric stash. This is my first attempt on making my own crochet bag without any pattern, wish it could come out nice. ~~ cross my finger ~~

Monday, November 05, 2007

T-shirt yarn

My mother was once worked in a garment factory and she had the chance to brought home lots of unwanted selvage t-shirt fabric after the pattern cut out to make them into yarns. She even used them to make floor mat and gave them away to relatives and friends. Since mum got quite a fair bit of them, she gave me few big balls in the colour of yellow, light blue, orange and dark blue. I have keep them for quite some times and really have no idea what could I make it into beside of floor mat. Maybe I could make them to a bag?? Possible....I could weave it to form a fabric.....make it to a bag....add handle....trim....buttons...brooch.....etc and etc....hmm....possible though... :) This idea keep on circularing in my brain but I have no time to experiment it yet. I really need to find a good day to try to work on it and see whether my idea work or not. Hopefully it could work out.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I modified this outfit

I did a very simple modification to an old cardigan that once belong to my sister. It was given by her intended to make it to become a dog outfit for her dog. Anyway the dog outfit project doesn't work out as what I have planned and the cardigan has been left unattended together with my fabric stashes until I pick it up again to make some modification to suit me rather to a dog.

I like the colour of this cardigan but the sleeve is rather too small and short for me. To make it a bigger sleeve, the only way that I can do is to cut it to become a cap sleeve. Then I stitched 2 lines on the border of the sleeves so that it wouldn't be fray after washing. Lastly, I sewn in a fabric flower brooch on the cardigan. And there, I got myself a cardigan after just some simple modification.

From this long sleeve cardigan to....

this crop cap sleeve top with a flower brooch.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

2 new crafty books

Recently I bought these two new crafty books and I really love them.

Lacework four seasons 100 in Japanese.
I've eye on this book for quite some times. Everytimes when I visit Kinukuniya, I'll search for it and admired the lacework pictures and really want to try to make some of the pretty lace trims. But the price... abit too expensive. However, I bought it this time. I really love the lace and I guess it is worth for the price as it have 100 patterns to make. I've bought some crochet cottons meant for this project and will start making some lace trims.

Floral world - Cystal Flowers in Chinese
This is the pattern book for making cystal flowers using cystal gel. Cystal gel....hmmmm.... I have no idea what is it actually. I don't think I can find cystal gel in Malaysia. However, when I first saw the book, it remind me of the nail enamel flower that I'd made and I could use the pattern to modify it using nail enamel in making some of the flowers, the method used seem to be quite similar. I have bought few inexpensive nail enamel in green, pink and red colour for the project listing in the book. Hopefully, my nail enamel method could overcome for the shortage of cystal gel in this case. ~~cross my finger~~