Monday, April 30, 2007

New Project - A wrap cardigan

I started with this new project after I finished Grey. It's a wrap over lace cardigan, pattern from the same book of lace top that I had just done, picture as on the right bottom of the book. I'm using Sonata in the shade of Pecan to knit this project, the feel of this yarn is quite stiff and not so nice to be knitted in. I hope after a wash on the FO, it will feel more softer. Anyway, what can you expect from such an inexpensive cotton yarn? Only at USD1.98 per ball, right? At the time of me updating this post, I already finished the arrow head pattern on the bottom of the back piece, that's about 5". It seem to be quite easy and fast to knit, if no other interruptions in between of my knitting progress, I hope I can show the FO much more sooner here. (***cross my finger***) ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Camilla's bear is done

I name it Grey, simply because he is grey in colour and he look like male rather than female to me. I used leftover yarns from previous projects of this, this and tiny bit of this to make Grey. A very challenging project to do as you need to trial an error to make your own Camilla's bear. I couldn't be able to make a second one similar to Grey. And this is a great project to destash, you even can mix and match the yarns to make the bear of yours look more unique. Go and make one of your very own Camilla's bear and I'm sure you will love it.

Paging Pei Fern : Hi, I tried to go to your blog but it seems that you didn't share it out in public and I couldn't be able to get into it. Maybe you can do some updates, I'll try to email you after that. :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

I bought new yarn

I have consumed some yarns from elann last week and just within a week I have received them, super fast. They are Sonata in the colour shade of 1) Coffee Bean, 2) Natural, 3) Rio and 4) Wine. I already got some projects in mind for these yarns. I will use Natural for some baby projects, Rio and Wine for a free patern offer from Berroco site called Tia. Well, will reserve Coffee Bean for a pullover. I'm in the midst of starting new project and will show it soon here once I got the pictures.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New weaving toy

Look what I have got for myself during the weekend shopping, a new weaving toy to add to my crafty adventures. It's a tool to make knitting cord in two variation, 1 big and 1 small head to be exchangable at the body of the tool. It's such a great tool to make cord without hazard.

However, I found it was such an ironic that I got this tool from children department while I tried to browse some toys there, and it listed in the box for children 6 years and above. I was wondering, does a child at the age of 6 knows how to use this tool? I myself need to look at the complicated instruction and figure out how to use it few times to make it work. I guess it rather suit for a teenager than children age 6. Anyway, I have found myself a good tool and hope I could use it in my future project soon.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm doing Camilla's Bear

I always admired Camilla Bear and wanted to make one after I saw her pattern write up in Whipup. This happen to be my relexing project before I begin the new knitting garment. I already done with the head and the body, now working on the legs and hands. The head was the most difficult part to do, I undo and redo it more than 5 times just to get the face correctly. The body and other parts are more easier and soon I will get it all done and show you all here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My lace top is done

Phew... at last, it is all done, it really took long for me to finish. I've been very laid back lately, energyless to work on anything after I came back from work. Actually, I have some crafty ideas that I intend to work on, but I am just too lazy to get it started, even too lazy to draft it down in my crafty scatch book. (Yes, I've a scatch book for all the crafty ideas I came across). That's really bad though, guess I need to kick off my laziness and be more energetic....

Okay, lets talk about my new FO. The pattern was taken from a mass patterns book printed in Chinese, some sort like a copycat from few Japanese pattern books, making into one. Not a good pattern book though, they only provided graph and some informations on the number of stitches and simple schmetric. I have to do lots of guessing to get the knit work correctly. It was knitted in Lana Grossa Toccata in the shade of Butterscotch using needle size 4mm, used up 7 balls of them. The collar and sleeves edge suppose to have ruffle all around, but the yarn is kind of heavy when knitted in ruffle, so I just maintain the collar part. Overall, the FO looks fine for me and I am kind of satisfy with it except the collar ruffle, thinking of unravel it but meanwhile I will just leave it till I really make up my mind to maintain or not with it.
No plan on any new project yet, am searching for pattern to start on, maybe to start on some simple project, eg. making doll or baby stuffs. (For my sister and sister in law, both of them will have baby soon.)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Catalog book - Couturier

I went book browsing the other day at Kinokuniya and found this crafty zakka catalog book called "Couturier". Beside of a catalog book, it also provide some simple crafty pattern and "how to make" on every of it. A very good crafty reference book and indeed it is cheap. Much more cheaper than all of those Japanese crafty magazine that I bought. The new issue is already out but not available in here yet, really looking forward for the new Spring / Summer issue.