Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back of the lace top finished

This was done during the long Chinese New Year break as well. This top have few different lace patterns on it and I like the top lace pattern the most. Not a difficult pattern to knit but need some attention while knitting it. The front part is half way done, almost up to the arm hole shaping area. Just hope I could get it finished sooner.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Long over due quilt project

This was the long over due project from sew-i-knit. It was the 4th sew-i-knit project that I suppose to be finished many months ago. (Sorry that I forgotten which month it was due, maybe somewhere in the month of Sep last year if I'm not mistaken.) It should be a twin size bedspread when finished, however I couldn't be able to get it done. It was actually started in the early year of 2005, I dragged the project and never get it done. When I saw the quilting project on sew-i-knit, I thought I could finish it on time but fail to get it done as well. Since it was already made up halfway and just nice to make a floor pillow case, I sewn up all the edges of the unfinish quilt and put some button on top if it to make this pillow case. Such a relief that it fit to the pillow nicely and looks good too.

My Version III Bag

Yeap, it has been done during the long Chinese New Year break last week. I used some plain cotton fabric that I bought from Ikea for the bag's inter lining and made 2 pocket on it for easier storage of my handphone and keys. I attached the handle to the kintted bag's body by back stitches and the inter lining by hand stitches around the edges of the handle and body of the bag. And here it looks like as the above pictures. Very handy bag and it has quite spacious storage. Love it, and thinking of doing another one in other colourway. Maybe in the colour of red + brown.